Friday, June 15, 2012

Family affair

Wedding - not only it's a special occasion for the groom and bride, but also for close family members and friends. A wedding is a time where we all gather together for some bonding and strengthening of family ties and friendships. It is through weddings that we meet family members and friends whom we hardly see on our normal routine.
I, for one love attending weddings (especially in a family)'s not so much of the food and the dressing up (ok...that is also one of the factors why I love weddings) hehe.....but more on the anticipation of getting to meet most of my family members whom I dont get to see very often in my daily life.

One wedding which I enjoyed recently is of a 2nd cousin's which took place on 2 June, 2012.
Ok..I gotta admit that I'm not close at all to this cousin of mine cos we hardly see him and he's not even based here in Msia. But that's besides the point. Our parents are close to each other and we sometimes hang out at his parents' place just for dinner or over a few glasses of drinks. So when the big news came that William is finally tying the knot, we were all excited and looked forward to this big day. Not only for him, but also a chance for all our family members to gather and reconcile with each other.

It was indeed a pleasant and enjoyable day. It started off with a very traditional wedding ceremony in the morning, followed by a great evening! We had a great time catching up with each other (uncles, aunties, cousins, young nephews and nieces, etc) I, for one thoroughly enjoyed the day spent with my family members, having a jolly great night with them!

My super smart cuz William and his brainy and capable wife Jiun Jen...what a lovely couple! (He's like a teddy bear to her petite figure)

And the camwhoring begun from the cocktail session..... :)


Me and mommy dearest....

Mom and my favourite and super sporting Aunty Lucy

Having a jolly time with the free flow of soft drinks!

Me: What are you drinking, Roy?
Roy: WINE! (and with the smirk on his face)

Ah Kong and his beloved munchkin grandsons!

My beloved sister! I couldnt stop complimenting how gorgeous and pretty she was that night. How can it be possible that my beautiful lil sister is still single and unattached????? Hope she finds her prince charming soon...

The Yeoh siblings! Love them to bits!

The Yeoh clan :)

Finally a pic with the bride and groom! And that's my beloved Aunty Helen and Uncle CG (groom's parents)

The extended Yeoh clan :)

And YES! we all had a truly enjoyable night! Cant wait for the next wedding in the family...... :)