Monday, January 29, 2007

Reflection - Jan 29, 2007

I was at a wedding dinner of a former uni mate and caught up with the rest of my uni friends there. Well, we were seated on the same table and got a full 3 hours of catching ups and fooling around. Time seems to be playing on the fast-forward button and everyone seems to grow much much older but wiser and moved on to new phases of their lives.

Cheryl and David are getting married in July....that adds up another married classmate to the already existing 3 (Me, Nat and Martin) in the list...and still counting.......

Gone are the days when the only things we talk about were "Where are you studying?"; "Where do you hangout during the uni holidays?"; the latest updates on assignments; who goes out with who (well, we still ask this question every now and then); "What are your plans after graduation?"; "Where is the latest hangout place around campus?"; ....and other not-so life-enriching questions....well, some were but the present seems to be more realistic than those days when hello kitty and prom nights played a big hoo-hah in college!

Now the questions are mostly; "Where are you working now?"; "When is the big day?"; "Did you have a difficult labour? (ok, that was shot at me at the moment for being the only one in the circle to have a child)"; "Where do you think I can the best deal for wines for my wedding?"; "Damn...the toll rise has added much much more expenses to my monthly budget!"; "What do you think of the latest case on the 2 journalist bloggers who are being sued for posting controversial topics?".....ya da ya da ya da........a more realistic scenario of the real life as compared to the days when we lived on allowances from our beloved parents.

Now we have hopped onto the era where every single cent counts and no more such thing as "Let me ask permission from my parents." I'm not saying that we have ceased asking permissions from our parents on the things we do...but now it's more like "Let me inform my parents and see what they think." or "Let me discuss with my gf/bf/wife/husband." - another major hop onto the newer phase of life....

This might be a boring post but it has been on my mind for the past weeks after I tried recalling what has taken place for the past year and realised that my life is in the fast-forward mode where everything seems to happen in flashes and leave no time for reflections. Hence I have come to realise that cherishing the present is vital and procrastination should be avoided at all cost!

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