Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Bad luck? not only me!

I was reading my frens' blogs after my own posting and found out that 2 of them also met with car accidents last week and this week!
Now...this really got me thinking......we are all of the same age and zodiac - this how the Monkeys gonna end their Pig Year? with car accidents and bad oments?
Not that I'm superstitious...but I cant help thinking about it....May God Bless us and shield us away from the bad oments! what Samantha said...."Thank goodness it's only minor accidents....let them be the ones to 'shoo' away the major ones which might occur!"



Zeta said...

u know, after the accident tht happened to me 2 weeks ago, i had a flat tyre 2 days back cause i ran over a rock on a highway!

hope Zach is recovering well...

zewt said...

so... it didnt happen right?