Thursday, January 03, 2008

Happy 2008!


I'm way overdue in posting in here but as I was surfing through my fellow bloggers' pages.......nothing much are updated either....guess everyone was busy with the holiday season and couldnt really bother to blog....

Well.....I bet everyone had a great Christmas and New Year's celebration just as I did! not to mention the big holes in the pocket for Christmas and birthday gifts! Well, it's once a year....all for the smiles on the recipients' faces....

As a yearly affair, we had hubby's birthday celebration on the 21st Dec to get the heat of the holiday season started. This year's birthday celebration is an exceptionally emotional and happy occasion for daddy because daddy could finally get to hear Zach wishing him in clear and exact words - "Happy Birthday, Daddy!" with hugs and kisses...That was daddy's best birthday gift!

Christmas parties for me started a few days before the actual date and I must say I truly enjoyed myself this time around, despite the fact that I had a bad wisdom toothache from 21st til 26th Dec! Yeah...I was given the BEST Christmas gift of all, this season....I take it as a punishment from God for not being a regular in church. Nevertheless, I guess He forgave me and alleviated me from the pain a day after Christmas when I got the tooth removed in a small surgery! Anyway, I started to enjoy the season at CL's house where all my close schoolmates gathered and we had a wonderful Christmas gathering there. It was fun and merriment that we shall cherish as we age! This of course, after I dunk in dozens of painkillers to alleviate the agony I was going through 2 days before the gathering.

I managed a sweet smile here despite having a terrible toothache! All thanks to the miraculous painkillers!

The 'angels' of the night - Christmas @ CL's on 23rd Dec.

Well, the celebration was all not too noisy and I am thankful and glad that I got to celebrate the occasion with close family members this time around. We were not around last Christmas and it was exceptionally meaningful this time because Zach is able to wish mommy and daddy "Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!" And not to mention, he got to enjoy the celebration this time around and understand more about the meaning of Christmas (of course not the part when Jesus was born and all.....but the part when it's meant to be sharing and giving) He was the happiest of all distributing gifts (on mommy and daddy's behalf) to his cousins, aunties and uncles! Of course also the part when he got to rip off all his gifts and happily playing with the toys he received!

A happy boy @ Christmas...

Didn't know which to open first!

As for the New Year's celebration, it was a quiet and last-minute arranged small party at our friend's place with the kids enjoying themselves with toys and cartoons and the adults with "Pictionary!" Boy, it was almost a decade ago since we came across the game and I must say we really had the night heated up competing between the men and women! Well, the men proved it all that they have got the charm and BRAIN by emerging the winners of the night! We, women consoled ourselves that we did marry the some SMART blokes afterall...hahahaha.
What's a new year celebration without the fireworks? It all ended the way we imagined and here's to another fruitful year! CHEERS!


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wow... u guys really dress like angels eh?