Saturday, December 20, 2008

Yuletide Joy

Christmas is here? in less than a week! Wow......and it'll eventually lead to a whole new year once again and that's when all unrealistic resolutions come into picture.....

I remember once making a few resolutions....which sadly weren't fulfilled completely. Well, they are afterall....RESOLUTIONS.....wishful thinking and thoughts that are not going to be penalised if we didnt fulfil them....hahahaha.... So I've come to making the same resolution every year.....which is....NEVER TO MAKE ANY RESOLUTION! haha.....

So, what is Christmas to me? It's always a joyful occasion for me and we celebrate it each year since I knew the meaning of this day. As a matter of fact, Christmas eve to me is even more meaningful than Christmas day itself cos that's the day we look forward to much merriment, family gathering, fellowship with friends and family and of cos what is a complete Christmas without pressies? *grin*

OK....maybe we have diverted Christmas from its true form of meaning...but how can we not when the atmosphere around us are filled with gifts, jingles, carols and nicely decorated trees! It all blends into the traditional meaning of Christmas day - the day Jesus was born to bring hope and cheers to mankind. And that's when we human incorporate the same meaning into our Christmas celebration annually - bringing cheers, happiness and smiles to our loved ones and the unfortunate ones as well. It's the same occasion each year when charities are being done and many smiles are seen upon the faces of children and adults alike. It's also a time when money is being spent with one intention in mind - to see the smile of loved ones when they unwrap to find the gifts they wished for fulfilled :)

Well, Christmas will be somehow different for me this year : -

1. It's gonna be the first Christmas for Roy

2. Hubby invited his family from Tgg to spend the joy with us

3. We are holding a small party at our new nest

4. And of course....more pressies bought this year for everyone attending the much-anticipated gathering in our nest....somehow the numbers of pressies for me to get increases each year.

So, have I done my Christmas shopping? Well, I hope I've got my list completed. And I'm kinda glad that I've somehow got the gifts selected pretty well for each and every family member and friend of mine and whoever you are reading this and getting a gift from me, be thankful! I've makde numerous trips to the malls to ensure I've got the right gifts for all of you.



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