Saturday, December 06, 2008

Perfect Eyesight

Another life-changing experience for me took place yesterday at exactly 4.20pm.
I got my vision corrected to its original state! Ok....I got my eyes lasered.

Well the exact surgery is called Laser Assisted in situ Keratomileusis (LASIK) whereby the top flap of on the cornea is lifted up for a while for the utilization of the Excimer Laser to correct one's vision by evening out the curvature of the cornea to achieve a desired correction. Upon completion of the laser procedure, the flap is eventually laid back to its original position over the treated corneal tissue. All this done in not more than 10 minutes! just 10 minutes, my life is totally transformed and more specs, no more contact lenses! A person whose vision needs correction like me would understand perfectly how this change is extremely significant to me!

*I was supposed to have this surgery done a year ago. I had my eyes tested and all and I was finally given the thumbs up for being suitable for the surgery and even had appointment for the surgery confirmed when I found out I was pregnant with Roy and had to hav it postponed til yesterday*

Ok...I wouldnt say that there's not a single sensation of pain throughout my experience during the surgery. I would say that the process whereby each flap of my eye is lifted is somehow stinging and to have each eye opened up forcedfully for at least 5 minutes is not a comfortable feeling at all. But then the tought of discarding the use of my specs n contact lens is too enticing and that helped pulled me through the whole 'quite agonising' procedure.My vision was restored 50% right after the surgery and I was given a sleeping pill to help me rest my eyes for about 3 hours and vision was restored almost 100% after I woke up from my beauty sleep. How pleasant! :) Waking up knowing that I wasnt wearing any contact lenses and yet having a clear vision!

I've forgotten how it feels like to have woken up from sleep each morning with clear vision. As a matter of fact, I think that feeling was like more than a decade ago before I had to get my vision corrected in 1993. I have always hated the idea of beeing seen in my glasses (I dont know why but I just hate the look of myself in glasses) so much so I only wear them when I went to school and needed them when I read from the blackboard. I remember clearly the times when I couldnt wait til I turned 15 when I could finally get to wear the contact lens ( I was told that's the age when one's eyes are suitable for contact lenses. Not sure how true is that but that's the age when I first wore them). And I've never looked back eversince without my ever-trusted contact lens. 13 years of contact lens wearing experience and I'm finally free from all the hassle of buying, changing, soaking, putting-on, cleaning.......u name it....whatever that is needed to maintain the use of contact lenses. Not to mention the times when I had my share of eye infections - watery eye, itchy eye, reddish eye, swollen eye, painful eyes, etc.

And now...I'm finally FREE from all those hassle!!! No more worries of:

1. not bringing enough pairs of disposable contact lenses; the saline water; protein tablets; the case, etc for my vacations ( these were the hassle I had to go thru b4 the invention of disposable contact lenses)

2. misplacing my specs and getting all frustrated for not being able to locate it

3. spending tonnes of money purchasing daily disposable contact lenses in bulks

4. going out with itchy/reddish eyes because of eye infection caused by the contact lenses

5. many many many more woes of not having the perfect eyesight!

Well, please excuse me while I dwell into this new happiness of mine *giggle* .....Please forgive me for feeling this way...afterall it's been a long time since I've had perfect vision in my life and I'm glad it's finally restored and I could enjoy the beauty of life without any aid anymore!

Thanks to the brilliant invention of LASIK!!! *wink*

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Zarebski said...

I'm using Acuvue cantact lens through from last two years for a perfect eyesight.