Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hello 2012....

Hello there

Was looking back at my blog and noticed that i only had FOUR posts in!
FOUR freaking posts!!!!! would think that "She's not freaking working and yet she sounded so busy!"
Well...truth is...I WAS and WILL ALWAYS BE BUSY! I'm a busy mom! so what??? choice and I'm happy about it!
I'm not only a mother as per say...I'm also a personal chauffeur, a chef, personal trainer (dont ask why), nurse, and the list goes on.....and most of all, I'm A WIFE :)

well, I'm kinda disappointed with myself tho....cos I once vowed to blog more often and to be actively blogging how I used to back in those days.....
anyway.....the new year has just begun and I shall make it my resolution to blog more often.....tho I dont guarantee tht resolution might come true as the days go by......hehehehe

Anyway.....lets look back on the events that took place/happened to me last year....

It didnt start of smoothly I would say cos I got into some medical scare with my own health and was in and out the hospitals numerous times for all those checks, tests and treatments to get things confirmed and worries, I'm all fine now.. :)

Some friendship ties were broken and they remain the same til today.....I was down and I was sad....but life has to go on and I chose to live mine happily - thus a promise not to dwell much in the past and look forward to the future instead.....

However year 2011 ended with a few memorable events I would say......well, thats what life is about isnt it? with its ups and downs.... say a thousand prepared for a loooooooooooooooooooog post full of pics from MY 2011!

We brought my parents on our maiden trip to CHINA in April 2011! Yes! Our first time ever (hubby & I) stepping on the soil of the 'motherland' of our ancestors! Mom & dad had the time of their lives for it was dad's dream to visit the Beijing and we made it all happened for him *getting emo*. And as a bonus, we also visited Shanghai! 
*pic above was taken at the back gate of Forbidden City*

How can one not visit this iconic landmark of Beijing? - The Forbidden City - home to a few emperors & empresses and thousands of concubines! Crazy emperors and their obnoxious lifestyles!


My boy on top of the steps to the Temple of Heaven - a temple built by the emperors in hope that they'd be closer to God when they pray and meditate! Hah!

At the garden at Temple of Heaven - the whole place is MASSIVELY HUGE!

The Great Wall of China!

Dad's beaming with happiness upon seeing his dream materialised....Love Love Love this pic!

And Roy turns 3 in Beijing!

The Bird Nest built specially for the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Yu Garden - SHANGHAI!

One of the many lakes in Yu Garden

One of my heart melters of all this shot!

The two heart-melters of all time.....These are the 2 bosses of my life! They rule my life, they dictate my life, they ARE MY life! They mightt drive me up the walls at times, but I WILL NEVER replace them for anything in this world!

The iconic tower (forgot its name) @ The Bund - Shanghai

On top of the tower which is made of glass! Looking back, we were actually at great risk! It was over 200 ft fr sea level! Look at those tiny cars underneath!

The Bund - Shanghai
Ok.....enough of pics from China.....


Club Med Cherating! our 2nd time there! - September 2011

Cousin Lily's wedding in Nov - 6 pretty maidens of the Yeoh-Ngew clan out of which 4 are mothers :D

My #1 boss! My LOVE! My other half!

My baby brother is finally 21!!!!! - Dec 2011

On our annual family trip overseas and we chose HK ...yes! again...this is our 2nd trip to Disneyland AND the city!

 in 2011 when Zach was 6.5yo and.....

this was when he was 4 back in 2009!

Our family portrait with Mickey & Minnie in 2009....

Our family portrait with Donald in 2011!

With Goofy back in 2009 and 2011 (his growth and height are obviously measured here on Goofy! haha)! Roy didnt hav the chance cos he was in his stroller (yes, he was only a 14 month-old baby then who hasnt started walking just yet) most of the time hiding in the air-conditioned cafe because it was an extremely hot summer @ Disneyland when we visited back in 2009!

Not anymore!!!! Both boys having the time of their lives this trip! They especially adore Goofy!

They refused to hav a pic taken with Minnie tho she was just a few steps away from Pluto simple because "Minnie is only for girls!"...sigh....there goes mommy's desire to be near Minnie :(

Daddy getting all smoochy and romantic.... :)

Christmas @ Pacific Place - a mall below where we stayed in the city....
That pic sums up our almost-perfect trip to HK that time if not for the unfortunate incident where my wallet was pickpocketed from my bag! Was in Tung Chung for some shopping after checking out from Disneyland hotel when my wallet was unexpectedly stolen from my bag! Culprit used my credit cards and made some jewelry purchases worth almost RM20k! Anyway, those charges hav since been reversed by the banks and I/m not liable for those purchases. However the roaming phone calls I made to report my loss to the bank cost me a whopping RM270! And the bank charged me RM250 for whatever process fee required for the investigation of my fraud case. All in all, I not only lost my beloved wallet; the cash inside; I had to fork out an extra RM520 bucks for nothing! I curse whoever who took my wallet to hav continuous mishaps in their lives - one after another! Yes! I can be mean and I can be venomous! 


Hubby hit the BIG 40 in Dec 21, 2011! We held a small party in a lil Italian restaurant and he was surrounded by all his beloved family members and a couple of good friends to celebrate his entering into the new phase in his life......

Turning 40 in posed by his chipmunk #2....

A proud daddy of 2 at 40!

And my own daddy dearest turns 61 on Dec 29!

ok...that pretty sums up my first post for 2012.....more to come I hope ...yes....more often too! 

Cheers to a great and better 2012 for me and all of you!


Kristy Geraldine said...

U forgot 1 more thing...ur Godson was born!!!!!

Aniston said...

Ya...tot of tht whn i realised i dont hv a nice pic of him......pls email me one...i'll dedicate a post just for him! Promise!