Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Wake up call...

The last one week and few days back have been somewhat a wake up call for me....a wake up call in :-

- knowing who my true friends are
- realising who care for me the most
- knowing what and who are the most important ones in my life
- realising what my life priorities should be
- narrowing down the focus of my life
- redefining what I want and what I'll do in my life
- realising health is indeed a treasure in one's life and that it should not be taken granted for in whatsoever ways......

I truly and deeply understand the true meaning of relationships with family and friends. It's somehow unfortunate that I found these out the way I did but it's better to realise it than not at all.......I've come to realise the priorities in my life and that the truth is, I cant please everyone and vice versa. Nonetheless, I've tried doing my part in holding whatever ties I have with those in my life and should they not hold onto it longer, I shall just let them go knowing that I've done my best and I've given my all in ensuring those ties are strongly bound.......

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