Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Boys'Prayer

So proud of my boys' ability to recite The Lord's Prayer at their respective age!
Zach mastered it about 6 months ago and he's been reciting it in his nightly prayer before bed ever since. Word by word without any hiccups! At 5.5 yo, this is considered an achievement cos mommy only managed to do it whn she was around 8!

So it was only natural for hubby and I to expect Roy to carry out the same task at around 5 yo! Boy we were wrong! That lil boy must have memorised it word by word hearing his big brother's recital every night and he could actually recite it to us for the first time last week! Did I mention that he's not even 4????? and he still cant read and write proper sentences!

Hence they have been taking turns reciting the prayer each night. Without miss!

I managed to capture them on video :)

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