Thursday, February 02, 2012

I'm a Godma!

Yes! I'm a mom to 2 sons and a Godma to a godson! and His name is Dylan Cain Lim Ji Ren. Well, he's the beloved munchkin #2 of my beloved BFF and he was already made my godchild way before his gender was known in his mommy's tummy!

Born on 18 November 2011, Dylan is indeed a joy to his parents and of cos ME! His proud Godmommy! Yes! Maybe I shall ask him to call me that when he starts to learn how to talk - GODMOMMY!

Dont be deceived by this picture! He looks huge here but he's not. Ok! Mayb some chubby cheeks...that's all.....hehe

We were out in the mall for lunch but we spent most of our time in the nursing room - all bcos of this cutie pie and his huge appetite! hahahaha

Satisfied after being fed.... *burp*

Cant wait to hear him call me GODMOMMY! I'll be the happiest Godma in the whole wide world!

Come to think of it, I havent got a shot of Dylan and myself alone! Note to self this coming Sunday when Dylan comes visit his Godmommy for CNY -  A PICTURE WITH GODSON!

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