Wednesday, February 08, 2012

My Roy

Roy, my almost 4yo boy has been quite a chatterbox lately...he just wouldnt stop talking! Not that I'm complaining anyway. He's been quite an entertainer lately with his non-stop chatters and we are amused at times by the new words and verbal expressions he comes up with...
Scenario #1
*referring to my question of asking him his favorite Power Ranger characters*
Roy: i like all colors except black & red
Me: oh. So u dont like black and red?
Roy: no! I like all colors except black & red
*I finally figured he actually meant to say that he likes all of them INCLUDING black & red*
He seems to want to put the words that he learnt to use but somehow got his meanings haywire. Haha!
Scenario #2
Singing to the tune of "If you're happy and you know it..."
Roy: if you're happy and you know it BE NAUGHTY!
*Zach & I couldnt stop laughing when we first heard him sang this...*

Scenario #3
Roy: mommy. Can we go Japan?
Me: why do you wanna go to Japan?
Roy: bcos I wanna eat unagi, tempura, egg & rice
*ya! He actually meant he wanna go to a Japanese Restaurant. Yes! Those are his favorite food and Yes! He knows the menu by heart!*
Scenario #4
*having a conversation with daddy about the monsters from Ultraman - his favorite hero*
Daddy: what is this called? (holding a figurine of a monster)
Roy: His name is Gamurah
Daddy: oh! Gumbra!
Roy: no! He is Ga-mu-rah. L.O.R.Y. - GA-MU-RAH!
*he actually spelt out those letters (LORY) addresing to the word "Gamurah" tho he doesnt hav a clue on how the word is spelled exactly. He just wanted to correct his daddy on the right pronunciation. *
Needless to say - daddy was bemused and yet finds it hilarious....
Those are just some of his conversations we had with Roy lately that I felt I should blog about for my memory sake....and to think that we had a fear that he might have a speech problem when he couldnt even utter a single word even after his 2nd birthday! This fella is such a joy to hav around and of cos we are thankful that we didnt hav to make the trip to see a speech therapist we initially planned to.
And he has mastered the skill in memorising and reciting The Lord's Prayer! At the tender age of 3! Word by word! We couldnt be more proud :)

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