Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Will Writing

Hubby and I met a will writer last night.
We were briefed the importance of will writing and the procedures on how to go about in having our wills written and how it could benefit our children when we passed on. It was indeed a very depressing topic but an enlightening one as well.
We knew much earlier on on the importance of having a will but we never put it into action until recently. Well, we were procrastinating about this whole issue for more than a year when I finally put my foot down to hubby one day and insisted to him that we MUST have our wills written as soon as possible. Hence the meeting with Mr Chong, our appointed will writer.
Do you know that 90% of Malaysians still do not have their wills written? In a recent report in the media, there are more than RM400 billions of frozen assets with the government resulted from people who died without their wills written. This is indeed alarming considering the younger generations are more and more educated and should know the importance of having their wills written. I don't have to go further on how useful and important it is to have our wills written because everyone knows the benefit of it BUT not everyone is willing to take the next step of putting it into proper documentations.
Do you also know that it could take up to10 years or more to finally get all documentations done to have access to the properties of your dead loved ones if they do now have a will? All this could be avoided if you are rational enough to put a peace of mind of your loved ones with a will you leave behind when you are dead.
But then again, most people think that only the rich and wealthy should have their wills written. This is such a wrong perception and this must change immediately. Have you ever wondered:
  • who will have the rights and authority to access to your bank account in the event of your death? you might not have loads and loads of money in your bank account but it is still vital to appoint an executor to have an access to them and to see that everything is in proper arrangement
  • who will be the executor to your loans and debts when you are gone?
  • who will take care of your young children should you leave them suddenly? will they be in good hands? will they be able to further their education with the money you've left for them?
  • who will continue your business operations when you die?

Well, I've had this thought running in my mind for as long as I remember since I started a family. Therefore I took the next sensible action of having my wills written in black and white to ensure that my family, especially my children's welfare is well taken care of should I leave this world one day. At least when I look at them from whereever I may be after I've left the universe, I can be rest assured that they are in good capable hands of my appointed trustee and guardians and then only I could rest in peace~

So, I'd advice my friends and family to seriously consider having your wills written for this is the only way you can be assured that your loved ones are well taken care of when you are gone.

Consider; write a will today....

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