Thursday, February 08, 2007

Post Tennis Lesson #1...8 Feb 2007

Ok...I'm not tht bad of a tennis player for a first timer....but bad enough not to return a service! Ok..maybe I AM REALLY BAD!!! But's not as easy as you see how those pros play onTV ok????? Never expect to know that there are so many technics to play the game.....from the way you hold the racquet to the way you swing the racquet! "Hit with you arm.....NOT you wrist!!!" Beloved hubby advised again and again. I have to give credits to my darling for having the highest level of patience to coach his ermm.......lousy-in-sport wife and didnt mind at all having to keep serving and serving and serving the balls without expecting it to be returned! haha haha.......Anyway, it's a good exercise and yes, I'm definitely gonna try my hands on it again. Better luck next time!
Ok..that was on Monday (5 Feb 2007)


I was at the dentist yesterday (7 Feb 2007) morning to have my scaling done and some gum irritation problem I've been having for the past week. "Oh, you have an ingrown wisdom tooth covered by your gum," Mr Dentist said. "So, what's the solution?"asked patient Aniston. And cooly and calmly Mr Dentist replied, "Have it extracted. That's the only solution. Wisdom tooth will usually brings us problem, for example like your case. You can choose to have it extracted now or you can make an appointment and come back again. Aniston thought to herself for 5 minutes..."What the heck! Lets get it over and done with!" "Ok, I think I"ll just have it done now," Aniston said - an impromptu reply to Mr Dentist. Can You believe it? This is my 2nd time having my tooth extracted. The first time was the extraction of my TWO front teeth when I was 6!

My My.......was I impressed or what? I didnt feel a single pain at all! Not even when he poked the needle to give me a local aenesthetic. It was totally painless. And I'm not exaggerating here. It really true. Ok, let me just explain briefly on how the procedure was done. First he rubbed some ointment onto my gum and the next thing I know, my gum was numb. Then he used a machine-like spray to go around my tooth area to make my gum feel even more numb. Next came the needle to give me a total numbness on the area where the tooth was supposed to be extracted. Then he did the scaling for the rest of my teeth while waiting for about 20 minutes for the aenesthetic to take total effect. The next thing I know, he was there having this extraction tool and trying with all his might to pull out my still-healthy-and-strong wistom tooth! It was still white and strong-looking man! Sadly, I have to be parted with my beloved tooth......hope it doesnt make me less wiser...hah!!
Guess the tooth-fairy finally got her wish to claim my beloved wisdom tooth!

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chris said...

kath....where's your dentist? no pain i also want!! time to extract my wisdom tooth too....but too lazy to go to dentist's :(