Monday, February 05, 2007

Trauma - 4 Feb 2007

It was indeed a Saturday to remember (3 Feb 2007). I was having dinner at TGI with the hubby and son when out of a sudden we saw packs and packs of people rushing their way out from the exit in Subang Parade. We were seated right next to the window at the the restaurant, hence, clear view of the mad rush by the people...scurrying out in packs. Couples holding hands, parents carrying their young children, youngsters holding their elderly parents and parents holding their young kids in their hands.

First thing which struck my mind was...."It could be a robbery!" or perhaps "Someone was running amok and having a weapon in hand!" Our fear was indescribable because parts of the crowd actually made their way into the restaurant and they were seen telling the restaurant operators to shut the main door! The husband was then told by one of the bystanders who came into the restaurant that there was indeed a robbery! Armed with shotguns! It was indeed a horrible feeling.... my hands suddenly went cold and all appetite was flushed down the drain! Even the most appetising serving of 4 Cheese Italian Pasta failed to entice me! Did I mention that I was having PMS since last Friday and was craving for cheesy food? There goes my craving man!

Anyway, back to the scenario.....packs and packs of people were still seen rushing their way out from the mall when out of a sudden we heard 2 gunshots right outside where we were seated! The husband made a quick move to press my head and told me to squat down for protection. I was too stunned for that and in the midst of all chaos, everyone outside was seen squatting down for defence. Some were seen running down the staircase leading to the lower ground floor and squatting down at the steps!

Few minutes later, we heard the sirens from a few police cars and 2 ambulance. "God, please let there be no fatalities." That was my first thought when we saw 2 ambulance parked right in front of the main entrance to the mall. Moments later, we saw a man being carried out in a stretcher with his hands high up. "Looks like someone's injured. I think there shouldnt be anything worse than that." The husband said. "I hope so," I replied.

Well, we paid our bills and as all natural KPCs, we were curious to know the continuing commotion going on in the mall. We made our way back to the mall and shutters were all drawn down by shops in the mall and everything seemed quiet and dead. Yellow barriers (yes, those ribbons you see in CSIs) were seen around the mall, blocking the public from getting near the crime scene - Poh Kong Goldsmith.
Then we saw a photographer rushing from nowhere and stopped a few metres away from us to download the pictures taken into a tiny laptop handled by a young female reporter. They were speaking in Mandarin and I guessed that they were from the Chinese media. As we walked pass them, we saw pictures of someone lying motionless on the screen! "Damn!" Someone is dead! Now that really gave me a chill down my spine. Our worst fear is confirmed! A life has been wasted as a result of the heist.

Just as we were making our way back to our car, 2 youngsters were heard talking to each other about what they witnessed earlier. The husband casually asked them for their side of the story and found out that 2 security guards were shot dead by the robbers whom they believed were foreigners! One guard was actually shot at close range and the bullet actually went through his head and seriously damage the back of his head! "Bloody assholes!" That was my first reaction! Not a life wasted...but TWO! Two innocent lives were sacrificed for the inhuman act by those robbers! And as we were nearing the main exit out of the mall, we turned to the direction where Poh Kong is and saw a motionless hand lying flat on the floor. That really gave me a somewhat uneasy yet indescribable feeling. "I hope these people BURN and ROT in HELL!!!!" That was my exact word to the husband as we entered our car!

Hundreds and hundreds of question went through our head and between our conversation on our way home on what has become the human nature nowadays. Why resort to such brutal act where not only the f*%^#ing villains' life are at risk but also the civilians?! Dont these people have any slight humanity in them? Dont they have loved ones to think about should they befall into untoward circumstances if they are caught in the hands of justice? But well, they wouldnt plan such inhuman act if they are rational and humane enough to think that way, would they?
Money and greed - the drive to irrational act...

Well, the only consolation to this tragedy is that those culprits are finally caught by the authority 7 hours after the staged robbery and it can be considered a closed case after obvious evidence were found with them - 8 kg of gold, several types of weapons and cash! All thanks to the leads left by the robber who was gunned down together with the 2 innocent security guards. A hotel room key and information found in his handphone which led to the arrest of his other accomplices. Finally, justice prevails!
My salute to our Malaysian Police Force! A job well done indeed!
Guess God is somehow fair and answered the prayers of those who asked for justice.

~May the souls of the 2 security guards rest in peace~

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Kelley Loo said...

Man it was definitely a terrifying, terrifing experience. A million things must have crossed your mind the very moment you saw ppl flocking into TGI. I really can't imagine myself keeping the sanity under those circumstances.

It's really sad to hear the security guard got shot. I mean seriously how many security company really prepare these people for situations like these. And what's more devastating is that these security guards work in a field where high risk are involved but yet paid peanuts to do jobs like this. Unlike police officers who have the government insuring them should they die whilst executing their duties, security guards would just die uninsured. It's really not fair but that's just the way life is and it s indeed depressing to know that's the truth.