Monday, February 05, 2007


ok..this might not sound like me but yes, I'm taking up TENNIS!
The hubby has been asking me if I'd seriously consider taking up the sport for the past few months now that the tennis court in Kota Permai Club (in which we are members of) are ready and fully expanded. He actually told me that he has made a court booking for us to play on that very evening itself! First without first having me say YES to take up the game and secondly, without a racquet for me!
And to my own surprise, I finally said YES! (why do I feel like I'm saying yes to a wedding proposal!)

Anyway, the hubby was delighted with my answer that he couldnt wait to give me my very first lesson in the sport! Did I mention that he was a state representative in the sport during his school days? Yes, he's indeed a well-trained tennis player.
So we made our way to Pyramid late afternoon yesterday........just to get me my very first Tennis racquet!

Check this out......... ...

There you have a pro! Anyway, we rebooked the court and postponed it to today..... MONDAY 5th Feb 2007! A historical day of my life to be unfold in the tennis court of Kota Permai Club. Our booking is at 7pm today.....and it's in less than 3 hours now before I watch myself being a fool running around the court not having any idea on how to play the game. Wish me luck! Drop by tomorrow for updates *wink*

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Anonymous said...

you didnt tell us you bought a tennis racquet???