Friday, February 23, 2007


Family Valentine outing - 10 Feb 2007

Took our kids out for a family Valentine outing at KLCC. Had lunch at California Pizza (which doesnt turn out as well as we have anticipated). However the kids seemed to enjoy themselves.....esp. Natasha and Zach. Just look how passionate they are....... Aren't they the cutest couple ?????

14 Feb 2007

Was at the beauty salon beautifying myself in preparation for the year of the Boar! Check out my nails......yea....I'm vain!

Next mission - A Valentine Gift for the hubby.......Found!!!!!!!!!!! The GIFT for the beloved hubby............Polo Ralph Lauren Blue....The scent is just.......aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah..........

Just like what most of my fellow bloggers wrote in their blogs.....that they just don't understand why should people spend extra $$$ on the big V day and that they disagree that the 'love' day should not only be celebrated on Feb 14 but every single day of their lives.....well, I couldn't agree more to that. And to me Valentine is just as special as any other day of my life being with my loved ones but to have gifts given to each other on this special just makes it more meaningful and will somehow engraved a memory in our lives. Agree or not, I'm sure any girl would be extra happy to have receive something on this day...especially from someone they love, admire or cherish! As for how we celebrated the night on this day this year....well, nothing extravagant...just a simple Chinese dinner at Xin Cuisine Chinese Restaurant @ Concorde Hotel Shah Alam with 2 good friends of ours ( Maria & Yeoh) - yes...just us adults. However, the venue does make a memorable place for us both couples as we held our wedding dinners there!

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